Effective onboarding

How do you ensure new employees get the best start they can in your business?

There are a number of ways to effectively onboard a member of staff which will lead to them staying longer in your business! If you start off on the right foot and 

make sure that your new hires are welcomed into your organisation, feel supported and valued during their first few weeks with you, they will become productive members of your team more quickly.

Here are a number of ideas:

1. Start to think about onboarding BEFORE the employee has started! Put together a good induction for them, include meetings with relevant colleagues or managers and heads of departments

2. Prioritise the employee!

3. Get buy in from all of the business. Make sure everyone knows how important those first few months are for a new employee. 

4. Regularly check in on the employee. Schedule one to ones and regular reviews to ensure the employee is getting the support they need.

5. Keep the process up to date. Regularly check how it is going, ask the new employees what you could be doing better, what they like and dislike.

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